Sunday, November 1, 2015

Part V Is Here! In Older Worlds: Chad Crawls

While Dwight Donaldson's expedition of young guardians travel into perilous and unexplored areas of the other world, Judith seeks to protect her grandson, Donnie Fish. Dwight Donaldson's past is revealed, and the Mahesh cult reunites in dark rituals. The path of Bogie's life will be forever altered, and BJ will stumble upon the truth.
 Chad Crawls is the fifth of a six-part e-serial.
 "An addicting storyline. I feel as if I had lived and grown with the characters; it's an emotional ride, and I begin to miss them like old friends. Goble's descriptive writing brings to life a town and a time I never knew and made an alter-earth believable!" --Wyatt Rivers

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Soon to be announced, the breath-taking and terrifying conclusion:
In Older Worlds: Rachel Heals (A Serial Novel, Part VI)