Sunday, April 14, 2013

Part IV is here! In Older Worlds: Jennie Weeps

Jennie, Nancy, Kendra, Rachel, and Jeff didn't ask to become Guardians--whatever that meant. They hadn't sought the ability to cross into another world, much like their own but far more dangerous and beautiful, a world that had once cradled the earliest generations of mankind, a world with answers to the oldest questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? Are we alone in the universe?
As Donnie is drawn to the darkness, seduced by pleasures and popularity, Bogie finds that sometimes the greatest searches for truth can last a lifetime.

"An addicting storyline. I feel as if I had lived and grown with the characters; it's an emotional ride, and I begin to miss them like old friends. Goble's descriptive writing brings to life a town and a time I never knew and made an alter-earth believable!" --Wyatt Rivers

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